The Top LinkedIn Event Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2022


Corrine Stratton


LinkedIn can get a little noisy. Everywhere you look there is another LinkedIn influencer trying to tell you why their way is the best way. Amidst all the noise there are some amazing event marketers out there who offer insights that you don’t want to miss. 

When searching for quality event marketing content on LinkedIn, it is important to know that some of the best event marketing influencers don’t always have event marketing in their job titles. No matter their title, the modern marketer does not sleep on events. They know that well-done events are engaging experiences that drive revenue.

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We did some of the heavy lifting and compiled a shortlist of our favorite LinkedIn influencers who offer daily doses of event and marketing wisdom. We recommend that you cut through the noise and hit “follow” immediately. 

Kathryn Frankson, Director of Event Marketing, Informa

Why you should follow Kathryn: Kathryn is an event marketer that is all about conversion. She is focused on creating innovative and engaging experiences for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Follow Kathryn for her takes on the evolving marketing world and the power of events in driving business growth.

Top Kathryn takeaway: Do not overlook your event’s user experience. 

Kathryn Frankson, Director of Event Marketing, Informa

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Dani Hao, Community, Mutiny

Why you should follow Dani: Dani is a LinkedIn influencers that understands the importance of storytelling. She approaches content creation with the audience front and center making it clear that content is more likely to convert when your audience feels seen and heard. Dani is not afraid to tell it like it is, and you will become a better marketer for listening. 

Top Dani takeaway: Reflecting on your past events will only improve the  experience for your audience and maximize your event’s value.

Dani Hao, Community, Mutiny

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Sruthi Kumar, Director of Demand Generation at TripActions

Why you should follow Sruthi: Sruthi knows events! She was the first marketing hire at Sendoso, building their marketing and event arm from the ground up. Her field marketing programs drove millions in pipeline and she is just getting started! Follow Sruthi to learn about the evolution of field marketing and how events are a powerful tool for building demand and driving revenue. 

Top Sruthi takeaway: Field marketers do more than just events. They are integrated marketers.

Sruthi Kumar, Director of Demand Generation at TripActions

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Katie Ray, Community Manager, Clari

Why you should follow Katie: Katie lives and breathes community. She is a self-taught community manager who took a leap of faith to go all in on something she loves doing. Events are just one of the many tools Katie uses to engage Clari’s community. Katie is a LinkedIn influencer to follow if you're looking for insights on stepping out of your comfort zone, foundational tips for building community, and how to make sure your customers are your top priority. 

Top Katie takeaway: Plan events that your audience actually asks for.

Katie Ray, Community Manager, Clari

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Ernie Santeralli, Multimedia Content Manager, Active Campaign 

Why you should follow Ernie: Ernie is an avid learner and is all about sharing what he discovers with his LinkedIn audience through the ​​Growth Decoded show. Looking for tips on how to speak on a webinar or host a show? Learn from Ernie! He is a frequent webinar guest who makes hosting and presenting at marketing events look easy.

Top Ernie takeaway: Becoming a great presenter does not happen overnight. It takes practice and embracing your own, authentic voice.

Ernie Santeralli, Multimedia Content Manager, Active Campaign

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Justin Simon, Content Marketing, 

Why you should follow Justin: Have you ever put on a marketing event and then didn’t know what to do with all the amazing content that came out of it? Talk to Justin! He the LinkedIn influencer to follow to learn all about repurposing content. Event content is not a one and done thing. Justin gives daily advice around how to give your virtual and hybrid events life long after it is over.

Top Justin takeaway: Don’t sell yourself short by just creating one piece of content from your event.

Justin Simon, Content Marketing,

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Tess Vismale, CMP, DES, Founder & CEO, iSocialExecution, Inc.

Why you should follow Tess: Tess is an event technology expert. She is there for event professionals when they hit tech emergencies and need someone to save the day. She understands everything that goes on behind the scenes to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Tess’ rich event experience gives her a unique outlook on the future of events. Follow Tess for important conversations about inclusion and diversity within the event industry. Tess also offers valuable insight on how event marketers can continue to adapt and thrive in the world of virtual and hybrid events. 

Top Tess takeaway: The event industry should be a place of collaboration, not competition.

Tess Vismale, CMP, DES, Founder & CEO, iSocialExecution, Inc.

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Nick Bennett, Director of Field, Community, & Partner Marketing, Alyce 

Why you should follow Nick: In the past year and a half, Nick took the LinkedIn world by storm by sharing everything from work/life balance to building community, to the evolution of field marketing. Follow Nick for an under the hood look at everything that comes with building your personal brand and putting yourself completely out there on a platform like LinkedIn. His advice and insight can be applied to almost every aspect of your marketing, especially events. 

Top Nick takeaway: Your event audience matters. It isn’t about inviting everyone, it is about inviting and producing events for the right people. 

Nick Bennett, Director of Field, Community, & Partner Marketing, Alyce

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Ashley Levesque, VP, Marketing, Banzai

Why you should follow Ashley: We can’t forget our fearless leader and perpetual teacher, Ashley Levesque. Ashley is leading the movement to make marketing more human. She’s determined to use her knowledge and her voice to empower every marketer to produce events that people actually want to attend. Boring webinars and virtual events don't need to be the status quo! Ashley is the LinkedIn influencer to follow for amazing tips on how to put some personality into your events so they provide value to your audience and your business.

Top Ashley takeaway: Do you have webinar attendance problems? Maybe it’s not the channel, but the webinar content that’s the problem. Event marketers need to take a close look at their content to make sure it connects with their audience’s emotions, not just the buyer’s stages that we are all so used to.

Ashley Levesque LinkedIn post about buyer's emotions.

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2022 will be another year of adapting and adjusting events. Follow these eight incredible event marketers to stay in the know and learn from the best. 

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