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Securing the right speakers for your upcoming field marketing event plays a pivotal role in your event’s overall success. From driving registration to providing relevant and useful information to attendees, the right presenter can ensure your event is memorable. There are plenty of factors to consider when determining the type of speaker(s) you should book for your event. Finalizing the goal of your program along with your target audience will determine the type of sessions and contributors needed to guarantee your program’s success. Here are a few types of speakers to consider when developing your event’s agenda.


Motivational speakers inspire and leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Their notoriety helps promote your program among your prospects and increase registrations. Inspiring presentations can set the tone for the day or be a great way to wrap up the meeting. Landing a well known motivational speaker  may be just what you need to achieve your registration goal.

Here are few things to keep in mind when booking a motivational speaker:

  • They may have a speaking fee
  • You will likely work with their speakers bureau and/or speaking team
  • Their calendars fill up quickly, so you need to book them as far in advance as possible
  • They will likely have a set presentation so you will have limited say into their content (if any at all)
  • They may have a book or some form of collateral that is a great takeaway for your attendees


Customer speakers provide unique, real world experiences with your company. Having a customer take the stage at your event reaffirms that you are proud of your product and your client. They become advocates for your brand and their testimony allows for your guests to learn from a peer who has similar business challenges. It creates the opportunity to ask questions they might not think to ask during a product overview. Customer speakers can be a powerful addition to your agenda and validate your product among your attendees.

Here are a few things to consider when booking a customer speaker:

  • The customer may look to you for guidance regarding their presentation
  • They might not be natural public speakers and will need your coaching and support
  • Their presentation will likely need legal approval from their corporate team
  • Get a signed release if you plan to share their content outside of the event

Product Expert

When creating your agenda, it is crucial to remember that product experts are not sales people, they are developers and leaders within your organization that know your product inside and out. They speak to the technical aspects of your solution and provide your attendees with takeaways they can bring back to their business. Product experts have insights into feature enhancements, out of the box use cases, and future updates. Adding an expert to your agenda is a great way to discuss and demo your product with attendees without diving into a sales pitch.

Here are a few things to remember when booking a product expert:

  • They need to refrain from giving a product pitch, instead they should highlight a business problem and provide a solution
  • Make sure their presentation has the correct corporate branding
  • Get all the necessary legal and corporate approvals before presenting
  • Determine if your expert is willing to meet with attendees as a part of your event follow up

Your event’s agenda is a fundamental tool for garnering interest and driving registrations. Having the right line-up of speakers provides prospective attendees with a reason to take time out of their busy schedule to attend your event. Interested in learning more ways to drive registration at your upcoming field marketing event? Download Banzai’s latest white paper, The Secret Ingredients of a Well-Attended Marketing Event.

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