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Banzai & Demio: Simplifying the Webinar Funnel


Corrine Stratton


Event marketing will never be the same! Banzai is excited to announce our acquisition of the highest-rated webinar solution, Demio

"Banzai is the perfect new home for Demio. We set out to build a hassle-free webinar platform to take the headache out of setting up webinar events; to this day, we continue to focus on providing an easy-to-use interface without any clunky downloads," said Wyatt Jozwowski, Co-Founder of Demio. "Put simply, Banzai has built an unrivaled SaaS solution with a similar focus; the aim of both of our companies is to make marketing and attending professional events simpler than ever before."

Together, Demio and Banzai provide an end-to-end webinar marketing experience. Users of both platforms can expect to seamlessly reach their target audience while hosting their webinars on a simple-to-use, results-driven solution. 

What is Demio?

Demio was created by marketers for marketers. Whether you’re a dynamic marketing team of twenty or a mighty team of one, Demio supports the creation of scalable webinar programs that drive measurable results.

Key Demio features include:

  • Easy technical set-up
  • Customizable registration options
  • Set up your entire webinar campaign in minutes with one platform
  • Increase interaction with resources, featured actions, and real-time chat
  • Create a frictionless attendee experience
  • Automatically sync events in Demio with your marketing stack
  • Put your webinars (and lead generation) on autopilot with Automated Webinars
  • Get meaningful reporting that drives better results 

How does Demio Work with Banzai?

Marketers have the opportunity to utilize Banzai Reach and Demio by purchasing the premium solution. Pairing the two solutions means the full webinar lifecycle is supported, from outreach to follow-up. With Banzai Reach, marketers can target, contact, and register their webinar prospects. Demio’s webinar infrastructure allows marketers to host webinars that engage and delight their audience.

"With Banzai we're able to reach and gain new attendees for our webinars that our existing database and social media channels wouldn't be able to do," said LeadIQ Head of Demand Generation Jason Howie, "Hosting our webinars on Demio helps us ensure an unparalleled experience for our audience. We look forward to continuing to work with both Banzai and Demio on our upcoming events!"
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