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4x Increase in Event Registrations in Collaboration with Banzai


Corrine Stratton


Background: Argyle Knows Events

Argyle’s business is events. They provide free, professional events for almost every business discipline. Fortune 1000 companies are the company’s leading revenue drivers. They host and present in partnership with Argyle, providing thought leadership and valuable networking opportunities for their audiences.

We recently chatted with John Litrivis, chief operating officer at Argyle, to learn how High Attendance helped them transition to a virtual-first strategy and continue to host revenue-generating digital events.

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Problem: Transitioning from In-Person to Virtual Events 

Although Argyle would produce webinars, their bread and butter was in-person events. However, like many businesses, the pandemic forced them to go all-in on virtual events. 

They quickly realized that in order to not only survive, but thrive in the pandemic, they needed a robust virtual events platform. Argyle wanted to capitalize on this opportunity to reach an even larger audience than they could with in-person events. This required a platform that would keep their audience engaged and excited to register for future events. After all, greater registration numbers mean happy sponsors, and happy sponsors mean event ROI. 

We were looking for an effective solution for both our small-scale events and our more mid-tier, larger-scale events that had everything we needed in the platform and was also cost-effective.

Solution: A Platform Built to Engage and Excite Virtual Event Attendees

Argyle is an active Reach customer and worked with the team at Banzai to explore additional event solutions. They embraced Demio for their webinars, but still needed a platform for their multi-session, virtual forums.

Argyle quickly saw that High Attendance was just what they were looking for. Together with the High Attendance product team, Argyle customized the platform to make it fit their needs. They integrated engagement features such as:

  • A virtual streaming platform
  • Enhanced chat features so the audience, presenters, and Argyle team members chat in real time
  • Customized CTAs
  • Gamification
  • CPE (continuing professional education) credits

"Because it was so flexible from the get-go, High Attendance allowed our team to effectively collaborate on fresh ideas that we could add to the platform to improve our growth"

Results: Increased Registrations and Happy Sponsors 

Argyle ran over 30 events on High Attendance in 2021. The team used High Attendance to embrace registration incentives like CPE credits, and doubled down on incorporating engagement opportunities throughout their events. They created experiences that kept attendees engaged and eager to sign up for the next event.

Since switching to virtual events and utilizing High Attendance as one of their core event marketing solutions, Argyle has seen a fourfold increase in event registrations. 

“...I can tell you that people keep coming back because of our content and the platform.”

The platform features and the increased registration numbers keep their sponsors happy and eager to continue their partnership with Argyle.

"High Attendance’s interface allows for our sponsors to add in additional ways to gamify the experience within their booth space, such as adding polling questions as an additional way for attendees to earn points, or providing a venue for them to raffle off their own set of prizes to encourage more booth visitation."

Since using High Attendance, Argyle has been able to add and retain its existing sponsorship base, the company’s main revenue driver. 

Argyle chose High Attendance because it was built for them and their specific event needs. The customizable platform makes it easy to create engaging experiences and keeps their sponsors and attendees eager to come back for more. 

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