6 Ways to Improve B2B Audience Acquisition


Sergei Dolukhanov


Jump-start your B2B field marketing events with the following audience acquisition tips from Banzai. Identify, leverage, synchronize, listen, test & measure, and determine life-time value are some of the actionable items you can take to improve your next B2B event.

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Tips for Improving Event Audience Acquisition

Identify your audience

Who is your audience? Develop a sound strategy by properly identifying your target audience. Once you’ve established your market, create basic messaging points that will resonate through all your marketing communications. Identify relevant media channels online and offline where you can best reach your target audience.

Leverage content

Create tailored content for your ideal audience. Content remains a great companion for B2B audience acquisition because it allows you to leverage the power of preferred messaging across multiple touch-points. Tailored content is also a great way to stay relevant in the digital age. Blogs, whitepapers, surveys, buying guides, catalogs, checklists, and brochures are a few ways you can leverage content to build and maintain relationships with your clients. Use social media to spread the message quickly and engage with your community.


Synchronize your offline efforts at trade shows and meetings with your digital efforts to ensure consistent message alignment. Connect the dots between multiple offline and online channels and make sure your sales and marketing teams consistently deliver a synchronized experience to your target audience. Transparency and trust are proven to build lasting relationships and lifetime value. With so many touch-points to connect in the digital age, it’s imperative to synchronize communications across the organization and deliver a consistent message to your audience through a multi-channel experience.


People will tell you about their problems if you take the time to listen to them. You can follow up with actionable ways to solve their issues. Take some time during each week to invite a prospect out for lunch or coffee. Ask some open-ended questions and let them talk. This is a great way to ensure your products or services stay relevant while also building lasting relationships.

Test & measure

Measure progress by A/B testing to ensure your messages reach the right audience. People change patterns & preferences over time. The only way to create an audience acquisition strategy that succeeds is by testing constantly. Build successful, long-lasting relationships with your audience by measuring test results along the way. Benchmark key business metrics against your bottom line. Don’t get discouraged by failures, as you will often learn a lot more from failure than you will from success.

Determine lifetime value

How much revenue does the audience you acquire produce for the brand over a given period of time? Lifetime value is arguably the most important metric towards your bottom line, especially since consumers in 2018 voice their experiences across many digital social channels.

Marketers are susceptible to consumer feedback throughout the lifetime of the consumer-brand relationship, and this has a drastic effect on future audience acquisition (and revenue). Strong relationships require effective and engaging communication across many channels, in business and in life.

Run an event that isn't terrible with the event planning workbook.
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