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Reach Product Release: Introducing Customizable Registration Pages


Corrine Stratton


Registration Page Now Includes a Branded Cover Photo

Reach recently introduced Registration Pages that are automatically created when customers set up an event on the platform. Starting this month, users can now add a branded cover photo to their registration pages. Our recommended image size is 1110px x 400px.

Step 1: Access your registration page under the “Options” dropdown on your event page.


Step 2: Select “Add Cover Photo”


Step 3: Upload your cover photo (1110px x 400x)



Learn more about setting up your registration pages here.

Audience Request Now Part of Campaign Creation

We've simplified the Audience creation process by integrating it into campaign creation. Users can now define their audience while creating campaigns in just a few minutes. Users will receive a summary of their Audience within 24 hours of creating your campaign.

Enhanced Targeting

Reach's Audience Profile targeting has expanded to include more than 50 job functions, 200 industries, and the option to select revenue. This update allows you to create a hyper-targeted audience profile.

Job Function

Create target audience with job functions


Create your target audience based on industry


Select minimum revenue:

Select min revenue

Select max revenue:

Select max revenue

Confirmation and Reminder Selection

Users can now select whether or not they want to run Confirmation and Reminder campaigns when they set up their events.

Confirmation and Reminder selection

Additional Feature Enhancements

  • Event Cloning - Cloned events will no longer copy over the address from the previous event.
  • Updated language - Going forward all “Registration Campaigns” will be referred to as “Invitation Campaigns”.

Questions about the latest releases? Connect with your Customer Success Manager.

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