September 27, 2018

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5 Unique Field Marketing Event Ideas


Corrine Stratton

Make your next event stand out from the rest and host a unique marketing event. From Topgolf to brew cycles, here are plenty of field marketing event ideas.


A good field marketing event gets your team in front of customers and prospects, enables networking, and provides a key takeaway to your attendees. But in today’s competitive landscape, good is not enough. Your event needs to be GREAT. It needs to cut through the noise and provide your guests with an experience they are unlikely to forget. Here are five unique ideas to help your next regional B2B event stand out above the rest.

Run an event that isn't terrible with the event planning workbook.

Fun Field Marketing Event Ideas

Brew Cycle

Want an event that is active, encourages networking, provides great drinks, and keeps everyone laughing? Book a brew cycle tour. The bikes fit around 15 people and often stop at a handful of local pubs and breweries. Making the bike move is a team effort, so your guests must work together to get to each location. The activity creates a relaxed atmosphere that is all about having fun while still guaranteeing plenty of face-time with your guests. Whether you are waiting at a stoplight or sampling the local brew, you get to know attendees on a personal level and establish lasting connections.


Golf is not for everyone, but Topgolf sure is! The beauty of Topgolf is that anyone, no matter your skill level, can play. This activity inspires competition, interaction, and overall great time. Topgolf has multiple locations around the United States, so there is bound to be one by your next planned marketing event.

Trivia night

Everyone loves trivia, right?! Host a trivia happy hour to get your attendees thinking, laughing, and networking. You can find hosts that will do all the trivia heavy lifting while you focus on creating a successful event. Structure your teams so your customers are mixed with your prospects and a member or two from your company. Conversation and networking will come as naturally as everyone’s competitive spirit.

Pasta making + dinner

Treat your attendees to a hands-on event that delights the taste buds. Host a pasta (or pizza) making dinner and your attendees feel like they are in Italy for the night. This event provides your guests with a fun new skill while allowing time for tailored discussion and/or presentations during dinner. Having the activity at the beginning, allows your guests to get to know one another and encourage a more honest conversation during your dinner discussion.

Bonus! This is event idea that can work for both in-person and virtual events.

Play ball!

Ok, maybe you won’t be playing ball, but it is always fun to go to a professional sports game. Host an intimate gathering with some of your top customers and prospects during a game of one of the local sports teams. This type of event is fun, interactive, and a great opportunity for networking. Whether your guests are sports fans or not, watching a game in a suite is a memorable experience that is bound to make an impact. Keep in mind that your guests will most likely want to watch the game, so structure your content appropriately to make sure you do not distract from the activity on the field.

Picking the right event venue is an essential factor of your event’s success. When choosing an event venue, remember to be thoughtful of your guest’s experience and most importantly, their time.

Run an event that isn't terrible with the event planning workbook.
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