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4 Best Practices for Launching Field Marketing Events with Banzai


Patrick Leary


So you’re using Banzai to power your upcoming field marketing event. Congratulations! You’re well on your way to driving hyper-targeted registrants to your event and greatly increasing your ROI. Below are four best practices to ensure you get the optimal result for your event with Banzai.

1. Work closely with your Banzai customer success manager

When you begin working with Banzai, your account is assigned a customer success manager (CSM). Your CSM’s job is to manage every part of the registration process to ensure you and your event succeed.

Working closely with your CSM throughout the life cycle of your events greatly enhances your ability to achieve that success. Shortly after adding an event to Banzai, your CSM will set up a call with you to go over event details and the profile of the audience you're looking to target for attendance. We also recommend having weekly calls with your assigned CSMs throughout the process.

CSMs guide customers through the preview file process, a crucial step in launching outreach to potential registrants. Expediting this process with communication can often make a major difference in registrations. And speaking of outreach, customers with ideas of how to pitch their events to net-new prospects can use their CSM as a conduit to our outreach team.

Banzai's VP, Customer Experience Rachel Stanley says customers succeed at a higher rate when they work closely with their CSM throughout the life cycle of their events.

"It's a CSM's job to help you make each of your events successful, but it's really a partnership,” says Rachel. “Customers that are engaged in the process and responsive will get more value out of Banzai. When we work together to drive as many attendees as possible, everyone wins!"

2. Establish clear selling points and objective for your event

Using Banzai is a fantastic way to drive registrations to all kinds of events, but not all events are created equal. The best performing events we see have strong incentives tied to attendance and a clear objective for attendees to achieve by the end.

In a recent interview with Banzai, Sara Lopatin, Argyle Forum’s Director of Marketing, Events, explained how she helps put on more than 200 live events per year geared primarily toward executives from Fortune 1000 companies. Sara specifically called out the importance of adding high-level speakers to any events that feature roundtables or are filled with thought leadership presentations. Past effective events with Banzai have been built around unique experiences like a movie premiere, hosted at desirable venues like a hot restaurant or Topgolf, or featured prize giveaways or raffles.

Sara also highlighted the importance of presenting effective and appropriate content for your chosen audience. Specifically, managers and directors find value in presentations where they can take away actionable insights, while a VP- and CXO-level audience prioritizes networking and exchanging ideas on how to resolve their pain points. Developing a clear objective for potential attendees helps Banzai do the critical work of generating quality registrations for your field marketing events.

3. Launch your event with enough lead time

At Banzai, it is our goal to get you the most qualified registrations for your event as possible. Lead time between the launch of Banzai outreach and the day of the event has a significant impact on registrations.

We’ve found that field marketing events with outreach launched 15-21 days before an event leads to a registration rate more than double that of outreach launched between 8 and 14 days before an event. Similarly, outreach launched 15-21 days before an event generates registrations at a rate six times higher than outreach launched in close proximity to an event, between 1-7 days ahead of time.

Sara says Argyle Forum considers the type of event when deciding how far in advance to begin outreach. For a full-day forum, for example, she prefers to launch outreach two months before the actual event, and uses even more lead time for conference-style multi-day events. However, for more concise events like dinners and roundtables, Sara doesn’t begin outreach any more than eight weeks in advance, because for those sorts of events, the closer to the event a lead registers, the more likely they are to show up.

4. Fill out the Banzai platform with as much detail as possible (and match it to your registration page)

One final way to promote success through Banzai is to provide as much clear detail as possible about your upcoming event. Our dedicated copywriting team produces tailored outreach for each event we work with, and the more persuasive information they can craft that outreach with, the better.

A great place to promote clarity and detail is in the “description” section of the Banzai event page. In many instances, customer-provided event registration pages contain large quantities of text, often with lengthy lead-ins to establish context. While that usually tells a complete story about the event and its purpose, cold email and phone script outreach requires content that’s equal parts persuasive and concise.

That’s why putting the punchiest, most compelling 2-3 sentences about the event in the description can positively influence successful outreach. That section can also include details about key speakers or prizes, and their inclusion will indicate their importance to our copywriting team.

Beyond the description, sections to monitor for completeness include “venue details” which offers the chance to explain potentially niche or confusing event venues, and “guest rules” and “guest limitations”, both of which impact how Banzai pitches prospective registrants to bring additional attendees.

Crucially, anything added to a Banzai event page should exactly match your own external registration page. Our outreach team refers to both throughout the content process, and conflicting information on those two pages, whether it be with timing, venue details or even the name of the event, can slow the process while we reach out to your team for clarifications.

You’re already well on your way to a successful event by partnering with Banzai to boost your targeted attendance. Make sure you follow these four steps to get the most out of your experience.

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