August 1, 2018

Event Strategies

Turning MQLs into SQLs with B2B Field Marketing Events


Sergei Dolukhanov

Field marketing events are effective in turning MQLs into SQLs. Here are nine reasons why events create a unique opportunity to connect with prospects.


When selling your product, it is integral that the marketing and sales teams work together to turn a marketing qualified lead (MQL) into a sales qualified lead (SQL). It is through the coordination of these two branches of the business that a potential client will show genuine interest in buying the product. There are many marketing mediums that can move this process along, one of the best being a B2B marketing event.

Benefits of B2B marketing events

Increase brand awareness

Holding your own event will make your leads and customers more familiar with your brand. Increasing your brand awareness will help establish your identity as a company. This will make your company more memorable to potential customers and make their decision to opt into your business easier. By having your event, your company will have a more approachable identity.

Increase competitive intelligence

Field marketing events like trade shows, where multiple companies can present themselves and potential customers can directly compare your products with others’, will improve your company’s and potential customers’ competitive intelligence. Customers tend to gravitate to the most cost-efficient products. Creating the opportunity to directly compare your product to others’ at your event will drive more interest in your company, eventually turning the MQLs into SQLs.

Direct communication with potential customers

Field marketing events give an opportunity for companies to meet and directly interact with their leads and potential customers. Events allow for a two-way interaction, where attendees can ask the company questions and immediately have them answered. This early face-to-face interaction sets the tone for the relationship moving forward and helps bridge the gap between MQLs and SQLs in the customer cycle.

Have a personalized event

Based on the scale of your event, you can personalize your presentation to different MQLs to make it more applicable. You have the opportunity to cater your event to your bigger clients through supplements like custom videos or landing pages on your website. This exemplifies good marketing practices, establishes an interactive and caring company identity, and fosters goodwill with potential clients, incentivizing them to conduct business with you.

Get better feedback to assess potential customers’ needs

Companies that hold field marketing events tend to send high-quality sales representatives to pitch their ideas and convince leads to move towards closing deals. That way, if any attendees have questions or want to give feedback, the representatives can help them. This allows for instant feedback for the attendees, making them more satisfied and giving them a better idea about what kind of problem the business is solving. When supplemented with virtual marketing, field marketing events are a powerful way to create strong relationships with clients and a two-way feedback mechanism.

Allow for coordination between sales and marketing staff

In order to effectively raise interest in your product, you need to facilitate the coordination of the sales and marketing departments. Field marketing will host B2B events to support sales representatives in the area. It is important that sales and marketing work together to target the right audience and deliver a message that resonates and enables a buying opportunity. It is equally important for the sales representative to attend the event prepared, making sure to personally research each registrant and coordinate details with the field marketing team.

More memorable than other marketing

Events are much more memorable than other methods of marketing. It’s easy for people to forget the different ads they scroll through on their various social media accounts or on the different websites they browse in a day. By physically attending an event, a lead has bought into your brand. If the event goes well, you have begun establishing a potentially profitable relationship and possibly turned an MQL into an SQL.

Speakers as client referrals

There is no static format for B2B events, but it is a best practice to have an influential speaker or two. Speakers can include executives, industry titans, or thought leaders. Including clients as speakers add a reliable brand evangelist to your presentation. Seeing your satisfied clients will encourage more of your attendees to opt into your business.

Create a community dynamic for influencers

B2B Events are the one place where your past, present, and future clients can physically gather to connect with your business. This creates a community dynamic for your clients and prospects, improving your business image and creating a place for dialogue around your brand. An interactive community creates a self-sustaining pool of potential opportunities and is a vital part of any brand retention strategy.

Relationships matter

Since the B2B sales cycle is much longer and more exhaustive than that of B2C, each sales representative and marketer goes through hours of preparation and research just to land a meeting with a potential client. Establishing meaningful relationships is critical to moving a lead forward in this cycle. From the beginning phases of subscribing to content in a marketer’s pipeline to closing deals at the end of the sales pipeline, face-to-face meetings accelerate every phase of the lengthy B2B sales process. Events are the best way to connect marketing teams, sales representatives and potential clients in a face-to-face setting, laying the foundation for an impactful relationship. Using field marketing events to strengthen relationships is the best way to turn an MQL into an SQL for B2B businesses of all kinds.


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