August 13, 2018

Event Strategies

Convert Event Registrations into Product Demos


Matt Hallerman

Learn how to convert all event registrations into a product demo, even when the attendee cancels at the last minute.


You just pulled off an incredibly successful field marketing event, now what? Once an event has ended, field marketers need to follow up with all of their event registrations in an effective and timely manner. Marketers can do this by segmenting event registrations by ‘attended’ and ‘no show’. The sales team will likely have a plan for following up with the ‘attended’ leads, leaving the marketing team responsible for engaging and following up with the registration no shows. Sometimes this feels like a lost cause, but the ‘no show’ registrations can not only convert, but they can convert into six figure closed/won opportunities.

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Timing is everything

Marketing teams must follow up with their registration no shows at the correct time. If we categorize a registration no show as a warm inbound lead, we know the odds of converting that inbound lead decays by the hour. This means you need to act fast and follow up with these leads the morning after the event.

Nail the message

In addition to immediate follow up, crafting the correct message is critical to converting an event registration into a demo. Many marketers send a ‘sorry we missed you’ email with a list of upcoming events. Don’t let the lead ‘die on the vine’, go for the win! Below is an email template to advance event registration ‘no shows’ into a product demo:

Hi Amy,

Sorry we missed you at our event yesterday! There was great discussion focused on <topic>. Perhaps I can meet you at our next event in <registrant’s city="">.</registrant’s></topic>

I wanted to follow up and see if we could put 30 minutes on the calendar to demo <product name="">, our <type of="" technology,="" example:="" data="" storage="" solution="">.</type></product>

Do you have 30 minutes to chat on <date> at <time>?</time></date>


<your name=""></your>

Short, sweet, and to the point. Marketers often measure their event success based on attendance. However, this misaligns with their internal goals. At the end of every quarter, a marketer is judged based on budget spent vs. pipeline generated/influenced. If the goal is pipeline generation, then what we really need to focus on is converting MQL’s into SQL’s (registrations, not attendees) and closing deals.

Link to the workbook, How to Run an Event That Isn't Terrible.
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