How ThoughtSpot Generated $1M in Event Revenue and Increased Registrations by 75%


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ThoughtSpot helps businesses discover insights hidden in their company data in seconds. In-person events are a major part of the company’s sales strategy — they host five of their own yearly user conferences, as well as Beyond, a global data and analytics conference. As a trusted partner, Reach helped ThoughtSpot maximize event revenue and hit registration goals.

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ThoughtSpot’s Event Strategy

From intimate, field-driven functions to larger themed events focused on technology topics and trends, ThoughtSpot’s events are critical to the buying process. Events allow them to form direct relationships with key prospects using dinners, workshops, and conferences. Creating engaging experiences ultimately led to an improved pipeline and most importantly, closed/won deals.

The team at ThoughtSpot hosts events for the gatekeepers of data, such as analytics departments that are embedded in enterprise organizations and different lines of business.

ThoughtSpot’s primary buyers are CEOs, Chief Data Officers, Chief Analytics Officers, Analytics/Strategy/Data Owners within an organization, CIOs, and LOB leaders like VP of Sales, Manufacturing, Marketing, Merchandising, and Procurement.

The Problem: Lack of Bandwidth 

Effective event outreach takes time. ThoughtSpot’s sales team struggled to find the time to support event outreach. With a required focus on hitting their sales numbers, event outreach wasn’t a priority. 

Sales teams aren’t the only ones who are busy. Marketers need to identify their target audience, build their event, create and run multi-channel outreach sequences, and follow up with prospective attendees. Between all of this and their other job responsibilities, marketers are stretched thin. 

ThoughtSpot understood that utilizing an event registration solution like Reach frees up their marketing team to focus on the hundreds of other details that go into running a successful event.

The Solution: Targeted Event Outreach

ThoughtSpot utilized Reach to conduct phone and email promotion for their events. They weren’t looking to just invite the people in their database they already had relationships with. They wanted to reach brand new leads that could be introduced to their AI solutions. They created specific audience profiles within Reach and launched targeted phone and email outreach to brand new contacts that matched the desired event audience.

The Result: Significant Boost to ThoughtSpot’s Sales Pipeline 

We’ve seen an impact from partnering with Banzai to generate leads at every stage of the funnel. We’ve had the opportunity to reach in-depth into an organization to be able to set meetings that we otherwise would never have been able to set because we didn’t have those contacts in our database in the first place.

 ‍- Lenny Eskin, Director of Demand Generation, ThoughtSpot

With Reach, ThoughtSpot generated more than 400 registrations for their events, while also boosting registration rates by as much as 75%. The increase in registrations led to $1M in pipeline generation.

Want to increase registrations at your next event? Book a demo.

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