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Introducing Banzai Reach for Partners


Corrine Stratton


Banzai Reach for Partners is here to maximize partner event success. The simple and effective platform supports partners in creating successful events and drive quality partner-sourced leads.

The Partner Marketing Challenge

Partner programs are a powerful tool. Amy McCarthy Strategic Partner Marketing Lead at Magento wrote that successful partner programs help your partners “gain more visibility, business growth, and validation.”

Managing an effective partner program is not easy. It’s up to partner marketers to keep their partners educated about the latest offerings, and channels, and product news. They have to meet the expectations of multiple stakeholders (both internal and external) and prove the ROI of the program.

This is where Banzai comes in.

Building a Complete Partner Program

In 2016 Sam Harkness, Former Director of Alliances at Marketo, wrote about the core principles that make up a productive partnership program. These concepts still hold true today. A partner program should focus on:

  1. Partner Recruitment - finding and onboarding quality partners
  2. Partner Enablement - making sure your partners have the tools and resources they need to add value
  3. Partner Commitment - Incentivize and support your partners. Demonstrate your commitment to maximizing their success

For those who have an established partner ecosystem and want new and effective ways to support their partners, Banzai enables partners to drive value through their events.

Banzai Reach for Partners is a turn-key solution for partners to increase quality registrations and simplify event management. It is a simple way to allocate channel development funds. Partner marketers can easily track the ROI of partner events directly in the platform.

The Banzai platform will make you a marketing hero for both your partners and your team.

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Features that Set Your Partners Up for Success

Banzai Reach for Partners is a simple and effective way to extend the reach of the great webinar programs our partners are running to help them develop opportunities and build pipeline.

- Michael Nordstrom, Director, Americas Partner Marketing, ServiceNow

Banzai Reach for Partners was built around the concepts of audience, automation, and channel enablement.

Here are a few of the features created with partner marketers and their partners in mind:


  • Audience AI - Target the audience most likely to convert and attend, and leverage Banzai’s unique database to drive quality registrations.
  • Community - Banzai’s Community gets events in front of an engaged audience looking for industry and job-specific experiences.
  • Registration Pages - Built to optimize conversions and make both attribution and registration tracking simple.
  • Localization - Support your partner’s international events with localization of registration pages.


  • Reminders - Banzai creates, automates, and sends reminders via email, SMS, and calendar invites.
  • Automatic Calendar Invitations - Calendar invitations are sent immediately upon registration. They contain important event details and easy access for virtual event sign-in.
  • List Scrubbing and Validation - Uploaded lists are automatically scrubbed. Invalid emails and unengaged contacts are removed.

Channel Enablement

  • Email - Automatically build optimized email cadences, leverage deliverability best practices, and create branded, HTML emails sent directly to your partner’s target audience.
  • Call Center - Banzai provides a turn-key managed call center that drives phone-generated registrations.

Maximizing Event Success with Partners

Ready to drive more pipeline and simplify event management for your partners? Talk to a member of the Banzai team today.

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