A Quick Guide To Planning A Last-Minute Event


Corrine Stratton


Experienced field marketers are unlikely to pass on the opportunity to produce an event that will generate opportunities for the business, even in a compressed time frame. Armed with the event’s goals, metrics for success, a target audience, and a few quick planning resources, a field marketer can facilitate a sales generating meeting within a few short weeks.

Venue selection

One of the most important factors for your field marketing event is your location. Once you have the venue locked down, you can reach out to your prospective attendees to make sure the day and time are reserved on their calendar. The type of location you pick depends on the goal of your event. Is the purpose networking? A restaurant with a patio for happy-hour or a suite at a baseball game might be the right fit for you. Are you hoping to have a roundtable discussion or product demo? You may want to look into a hotel or larger restaurant that has AV support. Selecting the right venue is critical to launching the rest of your event outreach and marketing strategy.

Speaker line up

Creating a speaker agenda on a tight schedule is not an easy task. Like your venue, the agenda comes down to the purpose of your event. With networking events, you can look to someone on your team to kickoff the gathering by providing a brief overview of the event’s purpose and your organization. If you are hosting a more intimate dinner and drinks, you can look to a customer to share their story with the group followed by a dinner discussion led by a designated moderator. Knowing your setting and goal of the event will determine the type of speaker(s) you schedule and the overall flow of the gathering.


One of the biggest challenges for a quick-turn event is making sure the right people are in the room. This is whereBanzai can help. In as little as 15 business days, the Banzai team can take the lead on driving quality registrations to your field marketing event.

Banzai does the heavy lifting when it comes to prospecting, call downs, email follow-up, confirmations, and reminders. All that’s needed from you is an attendee profile and your event details. For net-new prospect events, Banzai sees an average of 25-50% registration to attendance conversion rates. They see an average of 40-75% registration to attendance for customer events. Field marketers are experts when it comes to facing challenges like a quick-turn event, head on. By establishing clear goals and metrics for success while utilizing resources such as audience acquisition support, you can produce a high-quality event in less than a month.

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