April 12, 2023

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Ashley Levesque

G2 Recognizes Banzai’s Demio as Top Performer for Best Webinar Software in Spring 2023 Grid Report with Seven Award


Ahhh Spring.  

The resurgence of warmer and brighter days, heartier winds, and life anew bringing growth, and newfound opportunities abound.  We love spring and it’s so good to be recognized by our customers noting the Demio Webinar Platform as a High-Performance leader.

The continued recognition by G2 is an honor we do not take lightly. This last Winter we qualified as a High Performer in 5 categories. As we head into spring, we’ve again been recognized for our continued excellence in securing now seven G2 Spring Awards.

G2 is one of the most trusted software marketplace communities. More than 80 million people annually use G2. G2’s Awards ranks the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews that are vetted and verified from real users. G2 Leaders and High Performers are measured and determined based on two dynamics: high customer satisfaction and dominating market presence through reviews.

Demio, our webinar platform, was ranked as “High Performing” in the below 7 G2 categories:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Webinar
  • Small Business Screen Sharing  
  • Small Business Webinar  
  • Mid-Market Webinar  
  • United Kingdom Webinar
  • Europe Webinar

Consistent high performance in these areas further supports our mission of making marketing more human, by making it easy for marketers to create, grow, and track ROI on live and hosted video content by targeting new audiences and deepening customer and prospect relationships.

So much work, planning, and time goes into creating a successful and engaging webinar. At Banzai, we want all that hard work to be worth it and the only way you can ensure that is to guarantee high-quality attendance and active engagement to your events, building an engaged community. At Banzai we are dedicated to automating this process and are passionate about making marketing and lead generation for webinars a quick and seamless process that drives event participation and attendees.

It’s rewarding to see these efforts reflected in our customer reviews, as Demio continues to receive positive G2 Crowd testimonials highlighting real customer stories and the results they are achieving with our engagement marketing platform and approach.

The Right Software to Plan All Webinars
“Demio is an insightful software that works really well and achieves the objectives and goals that we set. What I like best about Demio is the fact that its interface presents all key features in a modern manner, and it displays all the necessary tools to start planning events and webinars in an effective way. Firstly, the software allows us to create distinctive invitations to attendees that increase engagement and set reminders so that no one misses the webinar. During the webinar, there are many tools integrated in the Demio interface to communicate with the attendees and increase engagement by the implementation of polls, questions, file-sharing, and more; through the ability to screen share we are able to complete our webinars.”- Rita R., Marketing Director, Food Production

Say Goodbye to Webinar Hassles with Demio
“I was looking for an easy webinar solution, and Demio delivered. The setup process was intuitive and clear, and the customer support team was responsive, fast, and kind. I was impressed with the quality of the software, from the customizable branding and logo options to the ability to host pre-recorded content as if it were a live webinar. The software even provided statistics on how my attendees engaged with the content, which helped me measure and improve my webinars.” - Michael M., Technical Marketing Associate

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