December 21, 2022

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Winter is Coming and Performance Matters


Ashley Levesque

G2 Recognizes Banzai’s Demio as Top Performer for Best Webinar Software in Winter 2023 Grid Report


As we wind down an amazing year of accelerated growth, industry recognition, and customer success milestones, it’s always good to be recognized by G2 for helping transform the webinar software industry and be noted as a High Performer - in FIVE categories.

Our continued recognition by G2 as a market leader is truly a humbling honor and reflection of the trust and outstanding partnerships we have with our customers in the states, the UK, and across Europe.

We look at webinar experiences as the cornerstone of Banzai’s engagement marketing vision to humanize sales and marketing while driving the results that matter.

As most of us have experienced, too many webinars and online events leave potential customers, partners, and prospects wanting. Wanting for something more -  an engaging experience that brings them into the conversation and community – with an authentic human approach that supports sales and marketing goals. Who knew it would resonate throughout the industry when we noted the 7 Reasons People Hate Webinars (And How to Host a Webinar People Love) earlier this year?  And as we incorporated those insights into the very DNA of our engagement marketing platform to deliver an experience that matters – and moves the attendees forward, it’s good to see our approach be pulled through and recognized by our customers through their proactive reviews within the G2 community.

G2 Leaders and High Performers are measured and determined based on two dynamics: high customer satisfaction and dominating market presence through reviews. Moreover, Demio continues to receive positive G2 Crowd reviews, highlighting real customer stories and the results they are achieving with our engagement marketing platform and approach.

Banzai' Demio receives ongoing active positive G2 Crowd reviews; showcasing dedication to results, outstanding service, performance, and the value of our video-driven sales and marketing platform and approach.

Recent G2 review highlights include:

A Modern platform with features marketers will love and UI that delights audience members
The featured actions and ability to prepare the assets ahead of time is bar none. No other webinar platform I looked at has an elegant and non-invasive CTA popup like Demio has. We're able to use our own UTM'd links and see who clicks through and engages with certain content. We've driven registrations for future events as a result of the Featured Actions feature. The customer service is top notch too. I get fast and friendly responses.
  ~Vera DeVera, Content Marketing at Ironclad, Inc.

Well designed webinar platform from the inside out
The upsides of using Demio are that it's easy to host live sessions and pre-recorded sessions as needed for your business. Also, during any session, the platform lets users download additional materials, but also gives you data on the engagement on the download links from the audience. In my humble opinion, it removes another hurdle for a prospect to take when signing up for a webinar.
  ~Sai Cheekireedy, Product Communications, ShipBob

Fantastic experience. Smooth sailing all the way to a sold-out webinar 

The initial onboarding from the Demio team was fantastic. The platform is very easy to use and we've liked it so much that we are rolling it out to 5 other teams in our company. So far in the last month, we have hosted (3) webinars, each of which we sold out 500 seats in less than 2 weeks total. I was very impressed with the ease of use during the live performances - distributing handouts was great. We also really like the ability to mark questions and answer them as we go.

   ~Michael Hopkins, Marketing Director, 

Here is to an amazing season ahead and an awaiting prosperous 2023 spring for all.
G2 customer reviews included – we love you.


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